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Torc waterfall, KillarneyAre you looking for a safe, confidential listening environment, where you can talk things through?

Do you wish to be treated with dignity, empathy and respect?

Are you motivated to make or embrace change in your life?

The way we are parented as a baby or infant sets patterns of how we respond to the world for the rest of our lives. These were a means of survival. As we grow up and meet new situations, we may find these no longer work for us. The meaning ascribed and the self-beliefs developed no longer serve us. Maybe, now is the time to address these patterns.

Committing to counselling of one hour a week gives you a regular space and time to focus on YOU. This enables you to reflect, re-evaluate, take stock, and make whatever change you feel is necessary.

Our therapists, Alexandra Wax and Gerald Payne, offer psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy. We look forward to hearing from you (contact Alexandra Wax or Gerald Payne here).

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